"The Story Behind Strange Fruit"
The story hasn't changed too much. The method has changed, but the violation stays the same.
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"Strange Fruit"
"Strange Fruit" has been sung by, many, many people, but it was sung first by Billie Holiday.
From the Publisher

This issue about our imprisoned children is absolutely distressing.  Everyone is saying it's someone else's policy, but no matter how we look at it, the policy that separates parents from children intentionally smacks of oppression.  It reminds me of my ancestors who were 1) forcibly brought to the americas and 2) intentionally separated from their family members to keep them vulnerable.

That's what abusers do.  They separate their intended victim from anyone who may give them support.   And when our ancestors were being "seasoned" for enslavement, they were shown atrocities in order to condition their thinking and to implant fear of the oppressor.  What kind of damage is being done to these children as they're being separated from their parents and forced to live with strangers and being deprived of affection?  What is the underlying purpose?  There's always more than what's on the surface.

What happened to "Bring us your huddled masses?"  Oh!  They didn't mean brown masses.

Get more facts:

Zero-Tolerance Memorandum
Read the Zero-Tolerance Memo from Attorney General Sessions

​Download the actual memo

June 20, 2018 Executive Order addressing family separation​
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