It's been a long time, Family, and we're back!  We're providing the same uplifting, liberating, enlightening, information we're known for.  Of course, we can't do it without you! 

Check us out!

Check us out!

Why we serve...​

Rhythm of the Drum is a vehicle through which information is disseminated throughout the African Community in order to help Black people across the globe stay connected with the natural rhythm that keeps us healthy individually and as a whole. Without the community the individual cannot exist, and without individuals the community does not exist.

Our Drum beats out a message of completeness, wholeness, correctness, righteousness, balance, truth, justice—MA'AT. Flow with the Rhythm of the Drum.
For our Liberation and Health...
mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, financial and political
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Our first issue in 15 years was released on March 17 in conjunction with Nature's Garden for Victory & Peace's Healing Arts Festival.
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