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For our Liberation and Health...
mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, financial and political
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What's coming next...​

We're changing our purpose.  We will no longer be publishing our quarterly magazine.  Instead, we will focus on publishing our annual calendar and co-publishing books for our liberation and health.  

We know many of you have a book inside you, and we know people who can help you get it out and into book form. We can coach you through the writing process and refer you to an editor, who can make sure your work is readable by the public. We will be working with a consultant who can help you navigate through the process of finding an agent and/or a publisher.

This year, there are a few articles in our calendar. Next year, there will be more.  I had so much fun looking up all those people who have impacted my life in such profound ways that next year there will be more pictures and more information about them, more significant dates, more recipes, more and more.  If there's something you wish to see, let us know.
Psychological Slavery
Francis Cress Welsing
It's our health to know...
How To Be Vegan In the Hood
Ri Culture
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